About Us Banded Mongoose

What’s brewing?

There is always something new brewing at the Banded Mongoose HQ. We take advantage of an engaged and influential community of content creators and leaders to bring light to unknown cultures and affect the good kind of change in today’s society. We are about shifting perceptions, stirring actions, and bringing people together.

We’re not your run-of-the-mill news aggregator. We present news, contemporary events, pop-culture features, human-interest stories, opinion, and commentaries in a powerful, and more meaningful way. We make it our responsibility to incite passion, to raise questions, to inspire, to evoke empathy, to motivate, and to cause our readers to think twice. Our stance on political and economic topics is always aggressive, but never cynical: we seek truth, we breathe it. We work to shape culture, for the greater good.

Our Heroes

Ariana Wright

is an author and a sociologist who has written for many publications, often covering issues that concern sociology, culture, and current affairs. With a bachelor’s degree in art history and a PhD in sociology, she has traveled all over the world to give talks on a wide range of subjects, from humanities and ancient art to contemporary culture and beyond.  Her book that compiles narratives about art as perceived by different ethnic groups all over the world is currently in the works.

James Coven

has been a journalist most of his life. With a B.A. in political economy, an M.A. in economics, and a Ph.D. in political science, he also works as a professor of international politics. Coven has published articles in various scholarly journals as well as written for numerous newspapers in Massachusetts, where he currently lives with his family. He is Banded Mongoose’s resident political expert, digging deeper into news and other issues that revolve around politics, power, and the economy.

Cassidy Jenkins

writes about books, contemporary events, non-fiction excerpts, and human-interest stories. Jenkins has worn many hats, and she has gone from long play record collector to a regarded young author who writes about pressing current events that are often overlooked in modern society. Her recent work includes a reckoning of domestic abuse among millennial couples and an extensive essay about the resonance of “old school” literature and music on the younger generation. She grew up in Utah, and graduated with a degree in fiction writing in Colorado