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high heels

The Power and Politics Associated with High Heels

In vintage postcards, pinup girls were often photographed wearing high heels. On the catwalk, women effortlessly sashayed, posed, and turned in sky-high stilettos. Nothing says feminine more than high heels. No other accessory precisely summarizes the weight borne by women as they walk the earth every day: to be amenable, to exude grace, to be

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Refugee Program

America’s Refugee Program Is Changing under Trump

The US has always been at the forefront of refugee resettlement. It has led by example, accepting refugees and encouraging other nations to do the same. President Donald Trump’s stricter stance on immigration has thrown the system into disarray, which soon bled into the country’s refugee program and admission policies. Lower Refugee Ceiling and Acceptance 

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US Economy

Who Deserves the Credit for the U.S. Economic Boost?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals that employers (in the nonfarm sector) have created 201,000 jobs in August 2018, plus the unemployment rate remains steady at 3.9 percent low. This is one indication that the U.S. economy is flourishing. Given the strength of the economy, partisans are debating whether former president Barack Obama or current

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consent&body shaming

Why No One Is Entitled to Kendall Jenner’s Leaked Photos

Nude photos of model Kendall Jenner were leaked on social media on Tuesday night, September 11. An anonymous hacker stole the photos from photographer Russell James and shared them online. James’ art-book Angels features Jenner’s and other models’ nude photographs. The limited-edition book, which will only have a thousand copies, launched last week on New

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