Write for Us

We live in a world where narrow answers to pressing questions and impacting concerns simply do not make the cut. Banded Mongoose exists to translate into words valuable ideas, points, and counterpoints, to inspire conversations.

Pivotal ideas and conversations can come from anywhere—they could come from you. Help us turn honest analysis and reporting into an engaging narrative.

Write a Guest Post for Us:

  • If you are an independent writer who is well-versed in the topic of culture, politics, and economics, ideally with an active blog.
  • If you have a talent for using words to stir healthy arguments and debates.

Your copy should be a minimum of 800 words. It can be about culture (cultural history and pop culture are both accepted), politics, news, current affairs, economics, and people.

Send us a copy of your unpublished work at webmaster@bandedmongoose.org. We look forward to writing with you.